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property rental prices Kamala
Prasat, Surin, Thailand

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Sai-Aam Phuket Property for Sale
Selling Price and Vendor Finance Details

A general description of the property

The property is located in Moo 5, Kamala, Phuket. It is 1.43 kms east of the main road running through Kamala and 2 kms to the beach.

At 529m2 the plot of land is considerably larger than most similar private houses found in Kamala.

Two semi-detached single storey properties within the plot, built in 2007, and the swimming pool constructed in September 2008 are included in the sale.

Each property consists of an open plan foyer entrance-fitted kitchen-dining-living area, a separate bedroom and en-suite shower room.

The house at the rear of the plot has a floor area of 57m2 and the house in front 68m2 and the swimming pool is situated adjacent to the front house.

Unlike most agents descriptions, our stated measurements are actual floor areas excluding patios, verandahs or balconies.

A double carport at the front of the property provides off road parking.

The properties can be easily converted into a single residence or the buyer can live in one house and earn income from renting the other.

Being a private residence, there are no sinking fund charges, monthly maintenance or inflated electricity payments as there are in property managed developments.

Cable TV and Internet services are connected.

Seller's Pricing
for a Private Sale (No agents)
Thai Baht - THB 7,000,000

The price stated may vary due to fluctuations in currency exchange rates. The price can be confirmed on request.

Seller / Vendor Finance Package


Seller or Vendor Finance is finance offered by the seller (Vendor) to a buyer (a Purchaser) to finance the sale of the seller's property .

The seller offers “terms” to the buyer to pay “some now, some later”. The “some now” is a reservation fee and deposit, the “some later” is an arrangement to pay the balance of the agreed sales price by instalments.

Vendor Finance agreements allow purchasers who otherwise might not be able to borrow from the bank, to begin the process of securing their financial future through home or second home ownership.

Under the Vendor Finance Agreement, when the reservation fee and deposit have been paid, and the agreement signed by both parties, the buyer can immediately move into the property.

Our Vendor Finance Terms

We offer low fixed interest rates for Vendor Financed Loans. These vary being dependant on the agreed sales price, the amount of deposit and the repayment term of the loan.

Typically, our interest rates are between 2.99% and 3.79% per annum.
Deposits may be as low as 25%.
Loan repayment terms range from 3 to 10 years.

property rental prices Kamala houses
property rental prices Phuket property rental prices Phuket property rental prices Phuket
property rental prices Phuket
property rental prices Phuket